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How Your Bacteria Affects Your Love Life

There are so many reasons as to why people break up. Sometimes someone cheats, or there's a moment of realization that you don't see the world the same way, or maybe in the saddest of terms, love just dies. While those tend to be the most common reasons for why people split, another reason, one

Men who ask parents' permission for marriage are too old fashioned

"He's going to ask my daddy for permission the next time we see him," the girls behind me on the subway giggled. The one speaking, in a clearly Southern accent, was thrilled. She was going to get married. She knew it. She had approved it. And yet, for some reason, she still needed her father's

6 Sex Resolutions That Can Actually Stick

You’ve resolved to hit the gym more and eat a healthier diet this year. While you’re at it, why not add one more important goal to your checklist?  Make 2015 the year you take your bedroom ability to the next level. From perfecting foreplay to expanding your playbook, here are six simple sex

Dating Burnout: 7 Signs You Need to Take a Break

A friend who's had a ton of dating success, both online and otherwise, recently sent me a flurry of despairing texts. "OMG, I am just so tired of this," she wrote. "It's always the same thing with the same guys and I'm sick of it." I told her the solution to her dating burnout was obvious: She

Why I'm Happier in a Sexless Marriage

My husband and I met at 24, got married at 26, and had our daughter at 29. Now we're both 34, and we've probably only had sex six or so times in the past year. And honestly? We're perfectly happy. It's something I wouldn't ever tell my friends, but it works for our marriage. My husband is my best

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